Brora Scarf Aran Jumper in Sweet Almond Fashion

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Geansai Arann is the Irish Gaelic appellation for Aran sweater, a archetypal and coveted knitted jumper. Abundance is from Brora, and rather than getting handknit by a FisherWife of unscoured absolute blubbery with a abundant blanket of adhering lanolin, abundance was created on a knitting apparatus of the softest cashmere.

The Aran Islands are off the West Coast of Ireland, and admitting the sweaters were beat by Fishermen they were aswell affiliate for the day-tripper shops and awash as a bounded craft. By the 1940’s knitters everywhere could buy a arrangement for one of these sweaters from Paton Knitting Patterns, and it was apparently one of these that fabricated its way into the easily of my own Nana, who able me with an Aran sweater if I was in my teens.

Who knows what happened to that sweater, but I do bethink cutting it with a continued chambray-blue affection brim with a cream-colored affection aperture brim underneath. The aperture peeked out over some lace-up Esprit boots in a beach color, boots I loved. To me the accouterments looked like something Molly Ringwald would abrasion in a John Hughes movie.

I wore my Aran Jumper on Saturday, a crisply admirable day with leaves on the arena and the sun shining. We abounding an art appearance with accompany at lunchtime and went to a Housewarming affair in the afternoon.

I wore my JCrew Glenbrae boots in Sand (purchased on ebay), a textured absolute pencil brim (JCrew 2009) and a JCrew absolute bandage in bespatter Dusty Blossom, a allowance from MrBP endure Christmas.

 brora aran jumper

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