Brands for Edgy – Cool Sunglasses

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Cutting edge sunglasses have made their way into mainstream fashion trends. Once upon a time cutting edge sunglasses were reserved for eccentrics and those with a kooky sense of style, but these days everyone wants to get in on the action and make a statement with their eyewear.

How can you wear edgy, cool sunglasses? The first tip is to have the confidence to wear them. Be ready for stares or comments from friends or family members. As with wearing any type of outlandish fashion, it’s all in the confidence behind it. Allow the edge sunglasses to be the focal point of your look. You can start off by wearing them with basic clothing in traditional shapes and letting the sunglasses take over the look. Remember that drastic juxtapositions also work for edgy sunglasses, which is often how they’re shown on the runway.

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Many times a delicate dress is shown with dramatic, angular eyewear that seems like it’s from the future. Using this runway fashion tip will help you dictate how to wear your edgy sunglasses. Men can wear a traditional button-up shirt and slim fit pants with their edgy sunglasses to get the same effect.

  • Prada.Miuccia Prada is known for her own quirky style, which is why edgy eyewear has become the brand’s specialty. Edgy eyewear constantly shows up in the Prada runway shows and has now become a cult item from the Italian label. Prada’s eyewear is among the most edgy and futuristic out there, which makes fashion lovers clamor to try out the latest trends from the brand.
  • Marc Jacobs. Like Prada, Marc Jacobs has become a label synonymous with edge sunglasses. Prints and bold colors regularly appear on the Marc Jacobs runway. The brand’s diffusion label, Marc by Marc Jacobs is also known for outlandish eyewear that makes a statement. Marc Jacobs makes these quirky styles of sunglasses for men and women. The cat eye has become a popular silhouette for Marc Jacobs. The designer has created an exaggerated version of the classic cat eye and the style has been spotted on several female celebrities, spawning the trend for other brands too.
  • Balenciaga. Balenciaga is the classic Spanish fashion house that is always experimenting with interesting shapes and proportions. This has carried over into eyewear designs. The oversized movie star-style sunglasses worn by Jackie Kennedy have been perfected by Balenciaga. Adding dark or gradient lenses with gradient colored frames, the ‘bug eye’ sunglasses have become extremely popular for women around the globe. Balenciaga also makes interesting eyewear, with a mix of metal hardware and plastic frames that add to the quirky factor of the designs.

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Prada, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga are among the European fashion houses that are constantly pushing the envelope for exciting, intriguing eyewear. These are the brands that are leading the trends we see trickle down to mass retailers and the styles worn by celebrities around the world. Choosing a pair of edgy sunglasses is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.