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There is a movement that has been going on for the past 8 years, and it started with Lance Armstrong partnering with Nike to bring the celebrated brand, LiveStrong. Yes, the yellow-trendy-multi-colored-jelly-awareness-bracelets are used to promote awareness from animal cruelty, and breast cancer to marijuana advocacy. Any one and every one can find a cause to brand themselves. High school kids have an index of wristbands to brand or associate themselves with an organization or specific issue in today’s society. These wristbands are available in all colors, unique to every cause. There is even a cause for applause. Do they make people lazy, or do they serve as a reminder?

Custom Awareness Bracelets for Brand Promotion

Some would argue that, kids especially, may just be wearing the bracelets to associate themselves without ever actually having to step up at the plate or doing anything about it. Awareness is a key component to any organization or fundraising event, so these ambassadors are doing something. Mostly, you have to buy the bracelet or donate to obtain it in the first place. But that is not enough to make a difference. The Silicone wristbands were quickly adopted by brands like Nike, reebok, and adidas after the trend was acknowledged in 2004. One dollar is the standard for fundraisers, but Nike charges five dollars for theirs.

 The constant reminder in front of your face should be enough to do good, give back or pay it forward in one way or another. A moral reminder of your intensions to be an encouraging and contributing member of society is a good way to get started. Some people need the extra push and benefit emotionally from the positive feelings associated with having an impact. Wear your bracelet so others can follow suit and take action. Whether it is just a single dollar, or someone deciding they want to go the extra mile and donate a hundred dollars. It is good for the cause.

 No matter what your cause is, get out and support your charity or fundraiser of choice. Some choose Green Peace, some choose Anti-Bullying. Here’s a suggestion: find one that hits close to home. You will feel better about yourself and will hopefully contribute more than just $1 over time. Don’t let the recent allegations of Lance Armstrong’s Steroid use prevent you from donating to a cancer foundation, or better yet, don’t let it prevent you from living a stronger life.


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