Born In The UK: The Fashion Styles Set to Rule the World

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It is amazing how many people still do not view the United Kingdom as one of the major players in the world of fashion. Despite what many people believe, it is undeniable that London has been the centre of a lot of fashion for many years, and is very much a leader, rather than a follower, in the industry.

London has long been one of the richest, most culturally diverse cities on the planet, and these influences are plain to see on the fashions which are designed and created throughout the city.

What are the key looks that are set to come out of the UK over the coming 12 months, and what are the ideal ways to build an outfit around these styles?

Street Style

While hip-hop and urban street style finds its roots predominantly in New York City and on the American West Coast, there is no doubt the influence that the UK now holds over the urban clothing scene. Many of the leading urban clothing brands in the world were founded and are still based in London, while other international players make London their central operations hub outside of their home countries.

Street Style

For an authentic urban clothing look born and made in the UK, go for baggy jeans and a hooded top, or wear an oversized suit with chunky boots, which will give edge and power to any appearance. For the finishing touch, go for an LDN hat and jacket made by urban clothing legends Criminal Damage.

Vintage Tailored

Another leading trend with roots firmly set in London is vintage tailoring. Just one look around the charity shops of the capital can unearth a number of gems, from tailoring produced in Savile Row to shirts and trousers made in the capital throughout the 1960’s and 70’s.

Vintage trends are easy to pick up in London, with authentic markets such as those in Camden and Portobello Road the ideal place to pick up some old school style at a jaw-droppingly brilliant price.

Retro Sporty

Wearing retro sportswear has been big for many years in the UK, with the country very much leading the trend, despite the lack of major sports brands based in the country. One can still incorporate the best of British into their look however, going for Oxford style shirts or Mod inspired patterns, before adding well fitted jeans and boots before the Adidas Beckenbauer jacket adds the finishing touch.

Sportswear is a key trend in many looks, and are as big a part of urban and vintage clothing in the UK as it is in retro sporty styles.

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