Bingo and Good Health

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Bingo has made its mark on history.  Way back in the 15thCentury, Bingo single-handedly supported the entire government and army of Italy.  The game began as a lottery format and quick spread in popularity throughout Europe.  The United States caught on to the excitement of Bingo awhile later in the 1920s.  From America, Bingo grew new roots in Australia and Asia.  Today, Bingo is one of the most-played games throughout the world, both in brick & mortars and online.

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Bingo the Energizer

During the Great Depression in America, most forms of entertainment went by the wayside.  Bingo did the opposite!  It did not take long for movie theatres to transform into bingo halls.  The wild popularity of Bingo carried the day.  Not only did the movie establishments succeed through that dark period in American history, the Bingo players themselves continued on with their lives in a healthier, more energized frame of mind.

Online Bingo for Everyone

With the all-inclusive advent of the internet, Bingo players can enjoy their game in the middle of winter and amid the heat of summer, without leaving the comfort of their home.  In the remotest corners of the world, Bingo enthusiasts are finding their Bingo entertainment. Bingo is one of the very few elements of life that are not complicated.  Every strata of the populace finds the game of Bingo fun and invigorating.

Even though simple in nature, Bingo is in fact challenging.  Multiple cards to be marked off and wholly random numbers spurting out, create the demand for good concentration at every moment. Online Bingo has grown by leaps and bounds due to the exciting character and constant surprise of the action.  The thrill of the win has been experienced by millions of Bingo players around the globe.

Social Connection    

The connection between consistent social interaction and good physical health has been widely tested and confirmed.  Those who are vibrant and carry happiness in their heart, are generally healthier than those who are isolated and without the joy of pleasant activity.  Bingo is one very potent source of human connectivity.  Bingo halls provide the action; the players provide the interaction.

One of the hallmarks of Bingo is the get-together aspect of the game.  From its inception, Bingo has offered a link to families and friends.  The everyday joy of players is enhanced and often established through Bingo events.  Extended families are created at weekly Bingo games.  That connection is not lost online.  Technology has expanded the purview of the internet to include Bingo room chatrooms and instant blog posts, bringing together the world and everyone in it.

Bingo & Good Health are Partners    

Intelligence tests have conclusively shown the health benefits of bingo.  Various studies in England have confirmed that Bingo and good health work side by side in honing motor skills and increasing beneficial activity in the brain.  Bingo is a substantial factor in sustaining that good health in the players that derive so much joy from the game.

Often the elderly are targets of IQ tests.  In one such test, elderly Bingo players in their 60s, 70s and 80s out-shined young adults in their 20s and 30s in regard to the accuracy of their memory.  Older Bingo players also scored higher on IQ tests than their non-playing counterparts.  These same intelligence benefits were derived through Bingo played online as well as in Bingo halls.The research focusing on the relationship between good health and Bingo, concluded that Bingo improves brain speed, memory and the speed of mental data processing.  Studies have also surprisingly shown that Bingo players are more in touch with their environment and have an easier time learning new fields.  Online Bingo specifically familiarizes older players with today’s changing technologies.

According to Southampton University psychology researcher Julie Winstone, Bingo enhances reactive mental abilities.  Those abilities in turn lead to lifelong mental alertness. Brain training has become a universal concept.  It’s not used in the exclusive domain of seniors, as individuals of all ages are recognizing the benefits of a quicker and more agile thought process. Many different kinds of mental exercises have been developed to sharpen the cognitive abilities of the brain.  The most enjoyable of all brain trainers is an energized game of Bingo!

I’m an avid bingo enthusiast and I’m delighted that you’re enjoying this article. Please feel free to share your thoughts on it with me.