Best Wedding Dress Shape for Plus Size

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Shopping for plus size can be worrisome, and doubly so when you have to shop for a wedding dress. Fortunately any Atlanta bridal gown shop will cater to this size group because that is what their customers are looking to buy. Anya Bridal Warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia is a bridal warehouse with a wide selection of plus size gowns where you have a better chance of finding a gown in the right size without busting the budget.

A-Line Wedding Dress

The A-line shaped dress is the most forgiving cut for any figure. It does not even matter so much what the top part is shaped like, it could be sweetheart neckline, scoop neckline, straight, boat, with sleeves, without sleeves, one shoulder, it does not matter. The A-line skirt will start right under the bust and gently slopes down the floor in a triangle, just like the letter “A”. Whatever bumps or lumps you have below the bust line is covered, if you still have a bit of tummy or love handle protruding, just get a dress with a wider girth and it will smoothly cover that up like gentle snowy slope.

Wedding Dress Shape for Plus Size

Mermaid Wedding Dress

If you want come curve, especially on the back trunk try a mermaid style wedding dress that is fitted on the upper two thirds of the dress then flairs into a mermaid tail on the bottom. A bodice that is corseted is easier to fit even when your shape fluctuates. A corset that closes up like a shoelace will also be much more comfortable than buttons or hooks, meaning you will have adjusting space to breath. The fitted top part of the dress will give you shape while the flared bottom of the dress will balance out your top curves like an anchor for better proportion. It is also easier to walk and move when the skirt is flared, compared to a pencil skirt. Get a modified mermaid where the flare is much higher up on the body and the flared skirt is not as exaggerated.

Why Ballgown is Tricky

The ballgown is the dress you see being worn by Disney princesses and while it looks good in cartoons, that does not always translate to real life even as it remains a fantasy of many women to wear a ballgown on their wedding day. The problem with the ballgown is that it is already heavy and bulky, stuffed with tulle and hoops to give that impossible full skirt look. When you are already plus sized, wearing a ballgown will just weigh you down more than you need. Maybe taller plus size women can pull of this shape, but average height and short plus size will do best to stay away.

A Note on Capped Sleeves

There are dress details that anybody who is trying to look more slim should keep away from, and that includes capped sleeves. Capped sleeves tend to cut the top of the arm in a blunt straight horizontal line making your upper arm look even more wide.