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Monsoon may be a massive relief from scorching summer. Enjoying the music of rain with hot tea and onion rings with friends and family is just superb, however at constant time it brings immeasurable skin issues and one in every of them is foot infection from stagnated rain water.

A proper care will extremely keep your foot stunning and safe albeit you dance in rain water.Monsoon brings humidity that helps Fungi and bacteria to grow rapidly and this is often the explanation your feet stinks. Fungal infections have an effect on the skin between the toes that causes issues like itching, stinging sensation, softening and peeling of skin.

 Footcare Tips

Protection tips:

• Wash your feet well and dry them once returning from outside.
• Closed shoes worsen matters because it holds water for a extended period, so attempt to wear open slippers.
• Use an antifungal powder within the morning and an anti-fungal cream in the dark.
• Moisturizing cream is nice for winter however not for monsoon, do not use them between your toes.
• you wish to stay your nails short and clean to avoid gathering of dirt.
• you ought to head to a dermatologist if matters worsens.

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