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Summer is on the way and for a lot of people that means festivals! Summer music festivals represent a fantastic chance for people to put things like work, study and whole load of other responsibilities on the back burner in the name of having a good time and listening to some great music. Regardless of the weather, putting in an appearance at a festival is guaranteed to make this summer a memorable one.

There are a few preparations that you need to make if you’re going to a summer festival and while most of them are very practical, we’re going to focus on some of the more fun preparations – like choosing what you’re going to wear!

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Mutual influence

Festival fashion has come to the fore in the last few years as more and more people have started getting involved in festivals. This has coincided with the rise and rise of vintage chic and the most likely reason for this is the close relationship enjoyed by the fashion world and the music world. When bands and artists value vintage styles the fashion world takes note and vice versa.

If you’re thinking about getting a wardrobe together for your summer festivals this year, then it really makes sense to focus on vintage styles. Wherever there is music there is vintage clothing and you cannot go wrong with your festival ensembles if you stick to the kind of look that goes hand in hand with indie and rock and roll attitudes.


The great thing about vintage clothing in a festival environment is not just that it fits perfectly with the whole ambience of sitting in a field with your friends enjoying some great songs and sharing stories and a few bevies around a campfire. It is also about the fact that certain vintage styles are actually the most convenient for festivals.

For instance, floral summer dresses are practical and comfortable to throw on during the daylight hours. When the sun goes down in the evening and the temperatures drop, vintage sweaters and relaxed fit shirts help you to warm up and stay cool at the same time.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that whatever else your festival wardrobe does it must complement the ultimate summer festival accessory: the indefatigable Wellington boot! Vintage styles are the perfect accompaniment to a practical pair of wellies and they help make these inimitable symbols of British summertime effortlessly chic in sun, rain, wind and whatever else the festival scene throws at you!

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