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Few days back, someone reportedly spotted Kim Kardashian in an interestingly low cut green velvet dress in an event where she had come as a guest. On being asked why the bra straps weren’t visible, she replied “smarter ladies prefer the balcony”. Now the reporter being a male did not quite understand the meaning and came up to me for help. All I did was to tell him to search for ‘balconette’ on the web.

What is a Balconette Bra?

Balconette bras were previously called shelf bras for their shelving feature to sagging breasts. It reminds me of a square, as the straps are widely placed so as to stay away from the edges of the neck of a top and make a beautiful show.  Balconettes come with semi cups that are ideal for low cut outfits. This is why models and fashion followers are so fond of them.

Back in 1949, Marilyn Monroe wore a balconette bra to enhance the beauty of her curves. So balconettes are not really a modern design. What makes it so popular in the modern world is it’s acquaintance with models over the world to reveal much yet retain the beauty of a woman’s body. The semi cup can be added with additional padding for a better lift. But in general, ‘balcony’ bras provide natural lift because of its particular design.

kim kardashian and la perla passion de fleur balconette bra gallery

Kim Kardashian seems pretty fond of her ‘balcony’ as she is often seen sporting sexy balconettes. It is important to wear bra that provides comfort and shape to your breasts. Balconettes are good for plus size women although it can be worn by women with smaller breasts also. Always try to wear a bra that supports your bust and keeps you at ease. Too tight or too loose, wrong sizes can reduce the firmness of the breast tissues leaving you at a crisis.

With so many types of bra one can choose, balconette bra is one style that stands out when you wish to emphasize your ladies  and give them a lift. One can never go wrong with the straps and cups. The bra may reveal a little but leaves the rest covered. When dressing up for something elegant and seductive, you need this balconette bra to show off sexy clea~vage.

Although balconette bra started getting popular in late 1940’s, it did not lose its luster to many women today. It is still used by many and definitely loved by confident and sexy women.

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