Awards Season Red Carpet Tips from Alice Temperley

  • Sumo

It’s awards season, which means we can look forward to fashion hits and misses in equal measure – and the world’s most prolific designers are eager to offer their style tips as they prepare for those red carpet moments. Celebrated British designer Alice Temperley has some sound advice for celebs in the spotlight this awards season:

Alice Temperley

Style, not Statement

It’s natural for celebrities to want to stand out from the crowd and bring their own unique quirks onto the red carpet – but this isn’t necessarily a wise move. Alice Temperley, who has created countless bridal dresses and red carpet ensembles in the course of her career, advises that stars avoid trying anything too risky or different, particularly when it comes to the colour and silhouette of a gown. “You shouldn’t try to make a ‘statement’” says Temperley; “if you are comfortable in what you are wearing you will look your best – and that is the only statement worth making.

The 2013 Golden Globes serve as an ideal example. Figure-hugging mermaid gowns in nude tones and warm shades had celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Amy Adams looking gorgeous and glowing – on the other hand, Halle Berry failed to impress fashion critics in an asymmetrical cutout dress with a print more reminiscent of beachwear than Hollywood glamour, and Jessica Chastain also landed on the worst-dressed list for her baggy, shapeless Calvin Klein number.

Dress for the Climate

Alice Temperley also suggests that stars and designers base their choice of colours and fabrics on the climate of an event’s location. What works beautifully in LA might be a flop in Cannes and St Tropez, for example, where Temperley says “the light makes deep colours look heavy and unflattering”.

Easy on the Accessories

“Remember its all about you and the dress” says Temperley. Accessories should be kept discreet and minimal – Alice even advises the ladies to put their lipstick in their dates’ pockets rather than ruin their look with the wrong handbag! Helena Bonham Carter’s Golden Globes look springs to mind – the actress looked lovely in black lace Dolce & Gabbana, but that bizarre and undeniably kitsch lip-shaped handbag drew all the attention away from her dress.

Clothes from Alice Temperley’s designer collections have been worn by a host of stylish celebrities, including Kate and Pippa Middleton, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley and Sarah Jessica Parker. The professional tips above, coupled with Temperley’s beautiful creations, are sure to keep these stars at the top of the best-dressed list.