Autumn Accessories: A Guide to Girls Fashion

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Autumn is upon us, and as with every change of the seasons, fashion introduces brand-new clothing and accessories to match the tone of the season.  Undoubtedly, you’ve scoured the Internet and searched in your favorite stores to find out what’s new and what’s “in.”  Everything from girls jackets to those new and amazingly comfortable pairs of jeans have come under your careful scrutiny.  So now, the only question that remains is, how do you properly accessorize your new wardrobe to make it stand out (or blend in, if you prefer) among your peers?

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Gorgeous Jewelry

When you think of accessories, you probably think of jewelry.  Jewelry is a great way to play up any outfit.  By mixing and matching your jewelry each time you wear the same outfit, you can create multiple looks.  A classic-looking bracelet gives your clothes a different tone than a chunky necklace.  But, again, your jewelry should reflect your personality.  Feel free to have fun with all the new styles that are taking the stage this autumn.  The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with your jewelry, and that it doesn’t detract from your beautiful wardrobe.

Alluring Fragrances

Maybe you don’t think about the type of perfume or body spray you wear as being an accessory, but it is!  Your perfume speaks volumes about you and the type of person you are.  It can catch the attention of someone who might not have noticed you were in the room.  A great scent should also reflect who you are, but you can switch your perfumes out day to day to keep people guessing too.  Make sure that you don’t go overboard when you use it, however.  The right spritz of perfume will be a wonderful compliment to your clothes and won’t overpower the senses of those around you.

The Perfect Bag

Whether you’re shopping for a purse or you need a new book bag, there are some great styles out there.  One of the keys to wearing your bag with style is to choose something that not only reflects your unique personality, but that also will give your ensemble a “pop” of color.  Animal prints are an excellent choice, as are floral prints with different color combinations.  Either of these looks great with any color of girls’ jackets.  And if you prefer something smaller, there are some great wristlet options for you as well.

Regardless of what you use to accessorize, as long as you stay true to yourself and the things that you love about your clothes and your accessories, you’ll make a big impact this autumn.  So, relax, have fun and be yourself!

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