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Sport in modern day society is a huge business and makes vast amounts of money through revenue and sponsorship. With team sports as well such as Football and Basketball, large amounts of money are paid for the transfer of players. This means that to compete at the very top level, you need to train very hard and maintain your fitness levels through healthy eating and regular exercise as well as have natural skill to boot. In most professional sports today there are even specialists who tell athletes how to train specifically to improve certain aspects of their performance, as well as other specialists who can tell you the best foods to eat to get the best out of your body. Sport is awash with science and it is now a lot more technical than you would think.

Show Me the Money

People take up sport for the love of it, if you are lucky enough to be very proficient at a sport and have the chance to participate professionally, then there may be the opportunity to earn a lot of money from your favorite past time. Some of the highest earning sports are as follows;

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • F1 Driver

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In 2012 the highest paid sportsman according to Forbes was Floyd Mayweather who earned an estimated $85 Million US Dollars from June 2011 to June 2012. In some sports such as golf, the prize money is not as high but you can earn huge endorsements from sponsors. Tiger Woods earned $4.4 million Dollars in the same time frame as Floyd Mayweather, but his earnings were increased by some $55 million Dollars though endorsements and sponsorship.

Specialists within Sport

With all of the money available in Sports today, this has also opened up new opportunities for specialists in medicine, nutrition and exercise a place in the spotlight as well. Most individual athletes will have personal trainers and coaches to assist them with their training especially when concentrating on specific aspects of their performance. Modern day sport is a science and is treated as so when getting analyzed and dissected after the event. This means that a wide range of new and innovative ways to practice and train an athlete’s body is used in the pursuit of excellence. This could be using a trampoline to help train a gymnast with their rotation and special awareness, footballers practicing Yoga and Ballet to improve poise, grace and agility or spending hours in the gym concentrating on specific muscle groups to help improve an athlete’s posture. When it comes to sport there is really no avenue left unturned as everyone is seeking that added advantage to improve their game.

A lot of Hard Work

There are not short cuts though to achieving as close to excellence as you can, to be a professional athlete means that you need to be hard working, dedicated and also 100% committed. This means that as well as training hard to specifically improve your physical fitness, you also need to make sure that you eat a healthy diet as well. The old saying “you are what you eat” is pretty accurate. This is why top athletes will try and control exactly what they are putting into their body’s and will employ nutritionists and even chefs to make sure that they put the correct fuel which is required into their body. They still enjoy the occasional treat though, but even in the off season when they are not competing, they are still training, eating healthily and exercising regularly. The life of a professional athlete is continuous, whether you are competing or not. Even when you are injured you need to have a strong mind and be disciplined to maintain your diet and exercise, which must be one of the hardest things to deal with for a long term injured athlete.


There is a lot of money in sport in the modern age, but with this money has come an increased competitiveness which lures parents into pushing their children into sports and attracts a lot of people’s desires in pursuit of becoming a rich and successful athlete in whatever their chosen sport is. With all this competition though, the dedication that athletes show has increased immensely as well. Being an athlete is as much a lifestyle choice as anything else which leads to a healthy lifestyle. With some encouragement, hard work and dedication, maybe your child will become the next superstar.

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