Are High-End Fox Boots Worth The Money?

  • Sumo

Fox is one of the most famous brands in action and motor sports. Recently, they has been looking to expand their customer base by offering high performance technical boots that can appeal to professional racers and serious hobbyists. Their top of the line boots can cost in upwards of $500, but it is more than worth the money. Here are some of the features you can expect from high-end Fox motocross boots.

Technical Design

Fox boots often go through several years of design before they hit the market. Motocross racing legends like Rick Carmichael are called in to help with the design process and to ensure that boots are useful in the real world. The goal is to not only create boots that provide maximum protection, but also to enhance riding interaction between the motorcycle and the rider.

Fox motocross boots


If you are trying on Fox boots for the first time, you may be surprised that it feels similar to a running shoe. This was purposefully designed to make the boots as comfortable as possible, but the soles are nearly five times thicker than your average sneakers. The underside of the boots use polyurethane midsole to help absorb energy when landing on rocks and other hard objects. There is also a polyurethane cup that provides extra arch and heel support.

Wear Resistance

Once you buy a pair of Fox boots, you won’t need another set for a long time. Every component on these shoes are designed to either last forever or be replaceable. The outer sole is coated with a thick rubber layer that provides both wear resistance and increased grip. If the sole ever does wear out, you can replace it for about $50.


Step into a pair of Fox boots and you’ll be surprised at how snug it feels compared other high-end brands. The buckles make the shoe easy to unlock and lock, although not too tight that you have a hard time getting your foot out. The buckles are extremely strong, so avoid fastening them too tight or you’ll end up with a blister.

Riding Feel

It doesn’t matter how expensive your boots are, on the first day of riding them you are bound to feel some discomfort. By the next day however, your Fox boots should feel very comfortable both to walk and ride in. You’d expect that boots with this much flexibility aren’t strong when landing on hard objects, but try jumping hard onto a rock and you’ll be proved wrong.


Fox is taking riding boots to a whole new level by using a mixture of clever engineering and premium quality materials. If you are serious about motocross racing, you’ll need to buy serious motocross gear. Their products are the perfect example of having a comfortable boot that doesn’t compromise on rigidity and safety. The longer you use a good pair of leather boots, the more comfortable it will feel, and the same holds true for Fox boots. If you take good proper care of them, they may even outlast your motorcycle.