April Summers: The Playboy Playmate and the Glam Girl

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We might have seen a lot of pretty, beautiful girls in magazines, but April Summers can beat most of them, as she is one of the hottest, sexiest lass ever featured. She was born on 12 May 1988 in London. She started modeling in the year 2007 with CX London and soon rose to fame within no time.


Best known as model, TV presenter, and British actress, she was chosen as ‘Playboy Playmate’ in 2010. She has been playmate for Playboy Hungary, Macedonia, Italy, and France and also featured in the Playboy October 2011 Poland and Lithuania issues. Apart from Playboy, she has also appeared in GQ, and many other big publications.


Most Followed Celeb on G+

In 2011, Nuts Magazine rewarded her with ‘Next Top Model’ that led to grab endorsement and cover page in Maxim, and many more offers across the world.  Recently, Huffington posted that April Summers was the most-followed British celeb on Google+. She is literally a feast for the lookers; being an international playmate for Playboy publications, she has been gracing the covers of many other men’s magazines, such as Nuts, Maxim, and GQ, as she is considered as sex symbol that makes every mandrool uncontrollably.

She had been given interviews for Playboy’s site The Smoking Jacket in Oct 2010. She is the face of Golden Handcuff Co and also was a part of Be Naughty, a dating channel by SKY TV. She launched her first official calendar in the month of Nov 2011.

Personal Life

Her original name is Nadia Foster; it is speculated that since she appeared in Playboy for the first time in April 2010 and that gave her so much name and fame, she is now officially likely to be addressed as April Summers.

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Interview Confessions

During an interview with April Summers, she revealed the secret behind her gorgeous figure. She told that she believes in exercise and healthy diet, not just to maintain slim figure, but to remain healthy as well. She exercises on daily basis, as she thinks it should be an important part of everyday lifestyle activities. Her favorite exercise is cardio and feels it is fun to do, despite releasing endorphins from body in huge amount. Though she isn’t a hardcore foodie, her favorite dish is Pizza.

Paparazzi Moments

Game of Thrones actor, Sean Bean was in headline in June 2011, when he was found arguing with a man, who passed obsessed comments about April. The actor stabbed and got into physical fight with a man outside a London pub, after he passed lewd comments about his female partner April. The 54-year old actor punched his face via a broken glass, according to witnesses.

Aprils’ Advice to Guys

She hates arrogant guys as they don’t know how to approach a girl. No matter how confident, straight, or bold the girl is, she always loves to be pampered. The same concept is taken by April and says guys should approach a girl in gentle manner, and should complement her that she looks pretty or beautiful gently.

Author Bio

This post has been contributed by Kenneth Flex who has been reading fashion magazines for well over a decade. He has become a great admirer of April Summers in recent times. April’s fans can follow heron FB, Twitter or simply visit her website http://www.aprilsummers.co.uk/