Ancient Egyptian-inspired Fashion Lives On

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When it comes to fashion, reviving of old trends has become a common practice in the industry. For instance, Ancient Egyptian icons and their fashion sensibilities are often immortalized in runway-worthy concoctions and brought to the consumer market.

This particular clothing style depicted a affluence that is popular today among fashionistas. Among the most famous pharaohs of this era, Cleopatra has become a fashion icon worldwide. The most famous female pharaoh from Egypt she was known for her beauty and exquisite taste in clothes and accessories.

Ancient Egyptian-inspired Fashion Lives On

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Even Cleopatra’s beauty regimens have been published by College Fashion and are now followed by adoring fans the world over. When she ruled Egypt, she was said to bathe in milk and honey to achieve her renowned glowing skin. And such folk laws have lasted the test of time, with some of her regimens influencing today’s beauty industry.

In fact, it’s not only the fashion world that the ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra have inspired, the gaming industry has also taken a great deal from these historical icons. Dress up games for children, such as ‘Cleopatra Makeover’ that showcases the many different styles of Egyptian headdresses, and online game titles that feature ancient icons, as seen on the ‘Cleopatra’ slots game on Pocketfruity, present players with important historical figures like i.e. Eye of Horus who reigned during 69BC. This is strong proof that ancient Egyptian designs continue to influence people even today, from their choice of games to their clothing choices.

In fact, we have seen several representations of ancient Egypt in the most recent runway events. Early this year, Sara Hegazy an Egyptian designer presented her collection showcasing inspirations from her heritage, culture and nation’s history, in her unique masterpieces that were flecked with contemporary designs.

“As a powerful feminine icon, I fell in love with the powerful Queen Cleopatra. Not only was she a renowned queen of Egypt, she was also a mysterious royal,” said Hegazy in an interview with Elan The Mag. “As one of the most unique, strong-willed queens of that era, every dress had to represent that unbreakable spirit.”


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Male fashion has also seen inspired by the historical look of this era. Ancient Egyptian-inspired fashion was featured in The Spike TV miniseries entitled ‘Tut’ last year. The show featured gorgeous clothing made from sheer drapes, well-crafted jewelries and vibrant colors that were reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian times.

Costume designer Carlo Poggioli said he ensured that the costumes were as close as possible to the real thing. In an interview, Poggioli said he documented as much information as possible on the historical reality of each clothing item he created, from how it was cut to the process of dying the linens. However, he also incorporated his own ideas in his pieces.

“Once I am confident in having assimilated that knowledge, then I start to add on fantasy. For Tut, I started with reality in its absolute then added on adjustments to help the actor become somehow modern,” Poggioli stated.

He added that many of the actors and actresses become too “attached” to the clothing, that many of them asked Poggioli if they could keep their costumes.