African Inspired Jewelry For You

  • Sumo

Continent of Africa is the birth place of human and mankind civilization. It is also the place where people first wore and made jewelry. African jewelry are known for its beautiful colorful and wild design, recently we have launched our new collection-African Inspired collection jewelry, lets check out if there is something you like.

African Inspired Jewelry-Beads Necklace

African Inspired Jewelry-Beads Necklace

Beads played an important part in African’s life, it is ever used as currency before in African. African used variety materials like stone,paper seashells and glass to make the beads.Inspired by African beads culture, we designed two kinds of vintage colorful necklace for you to completed your garment, which made of brightly, rich colored crystal and synthetic coral.

African Inspired Jewelry-18K gold plated Cuff Bracelet

African Inspired Jewelry-18K gold plated Cuff Bracelet

Gold bracelet is the one of the most popular jewelry in Egypt from ancient times, Girls should have at least one set of gold cuff bracelet even in the poor Egypt families, Most Egypt jewelry are made with natural golden colored, which believed is the sun’s color, sun is the origin of all creatures. How could you resist these 18K gold plated vintage delicate Egypt style Cuff Bracelet.

African Inspired Jewelry-Statement Metal Choker

Choker has existed thousand years in African, India and most western countries, the Classic and golden designed Statement Metal Choker showed the beauty of simple and unsophisticated African jewelry style.

African Inspired Jewelry-African Map Design Pendant Necklace

The ice out African Map Design Pendant Necklace is a must have accessory for your wardrobe.

African Inspired Jewelry-18K gold Plated Jewelry Set

Nothing will be better than this 18K gold Plated Wedding Jewelry set to show your status and wealth in some big event.

African Inspired Jewelry-Vintage Oversize Pendant Necklace

African jewelry maintains some original features which reflecting the primitive and juvenile wild art charm, so does this vintage oversized pendant necklace.

If you got a piece of African Inspired jewelry, you can share with us in below.