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There are plenty of troubles within our world that create controversies, and lots of all those connect with the fashion industry. Working with a younger model to advertise women’s clothes, wearing fur, or even just smoking a cigarette are all regarded as possibly dangerous. Donna Karan’s Spring 2012 promotion with Adriana Lima appeared to me fairly usual. However some people noticed some thing racist in it. Ridiculous!

Adriana Lima looks beautiful and also intense upon pictures for Donna Karan Spring 2012 advertisement campaign that was motivated by the designer’s charitable visit to Haiti immediately after the earthquake which shook the island a year ago. The controversy comes from one of several 3 pictures in which the model poses together with 2 children on the left. Children are said to be regional Haitians, so their skin color is of course dark. Adriana Lima, being Brazilian, has got lighter skin color. And also reported by many people the comparison within skin color has very clear racist undertones.


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