Access Tonneau Truck Covers: Four Models

  • Sumo

There is little in the soft truck topper products that can match the quality offered by the Access Roll-up cover lines. The standout features of the models are the XT-Dial Tension System and the Slide Lock Mechanism. The models are easy to install and operate and provide top quality features and at very competitive prices, too.

There are four primary models in Access Tonneau Covers. These are the original Access model, the Vanish, The Loredo and the LiteRider. All of these products are manufactured by Agri-cover which is the maker of all Access lines. The company enjoys a great reputation for coming out with durable and weather-resistant pickup covers for more than two decades. Each of the models has something different to offer to the buyer in terms of quality and features.

The most popular of the models is still the original Access cover. This roll-up cover comes with an aluminum frame and double-coated top made of vinyl material. The installation process is easy and can be done without any special tools. For a shorter truck bed, six clamps will be enough to install the cover. Bigger truck beds will need eight clamps for installation. A whole of eight clamps are provided with the purchase of the cover. The adjustable tension system allows adjusting the tautness of the tarp according to one’s specific requirements. The side lock and sealing system provides safety for the cover. For added security, you can make use of the hook-and-loop system of the cover.  This system acts as a weather-tight seal and will come extremely handy if you are driving through rough weather.

Access Tonneau Covers

The other models share all these central features of the original model. The Lorado, for example, comes with all these features with just one change, which is that it is a low-profile design. However, if you want a very low roof, you should go for the Vanish model. The model looks extremely stylish and the roof is just half inches higher than the truck bed rails.

If you are looking for a cost-effective option, you can go for the LiteRider model. This one is cheaper than the other three. However, that does not mean that you lose out on quality. The model features all the central elements of the other models. Except for minor changes in components, the model is still as good as the other ones.

There is little that can be pointed as complaints. But if we really press for it, one could say that it would have been more convenient for the users if the models featured other fastening systems than just the Velcro one. For example, the peel and seal system used by Extang Tonneau covers are a bit easier to handle than the Velcro system. It would also have been nice if Access provided more varieties in tarp textures than are currently available. These are still minor points and do not relate to the intrinsic quality of the products in question. Indeed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that finding faults with these models is simply next to impossible.