A Trendy Guy Should Have These 7 Items In His Closet!

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I’m not going to lie to you: finding the right style to suit you and creating a wardrobe – or, why not, making the best of what you already have – is a gradual process. In addition, if you are just taking your very first steps in finding your style, you should expect to have several failures, which could put you in the position of losing the confidence in yourself and feeling that you are getting nowhere with your attempts.

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Long story short, since you can’t do it overnight, be patient with yourself. The last thing you should do is jump right in and start wearing a daring vividly colored outfit, especially if you are used to dressing in mainly in neutral colors and simple clothes. What I’m saying is that you should take it slow and start building a foundation of essential clothes and accessories for your wardrobe. Let’s explore what the fundamental items you should focus first consist of.

  • A white shirt

Trust me, the white shirt is the most versatile clothing item you will ever purchase, especially since it goes perfectly with your wrinkled pair of jeans as well as with your sober business attire. Now, the only thing that you should concern yourself with is finding a white shirt that is short enough to look good when you want to wear it above your jeans, yet sufficiently long that you can stay tucked in when it is necessary.

  • A pair of slim, dark colored jeans

Slim jeans and especially a dark colored pair (indigo or black) is the simplest way to bring the classic and stylish touch in your wardrobe. From wearing them with a pair of loafers to combining them with a blazer, I believe that listing the numerous combinations employ them in is actually pointless here. On a side note, for an extra drop of elegance, I recommend getting a tailored pair of jeans.

  • A pair of tailored shorts

While shorts are every guy’s favorite clothing item during hot summer days, I must confess that I’ve seen numerous guys wearing shorts that are either too long or too short. Since both variants will look ridiculous on a guy irrespective of his sculptured, athletic body, I suggest getting a tailored pair of shorts with a length just above the knee and as tight as normal trousers. Furthermore, if you want to stand out in the crowd, then skip the camouflage shorts and pick up a more classy color, like camel or navy.

  • A navy blazer

Similar to the white shirt, the navy blazer can be worn with everything that falls into your hand and on virtually every occasion. The main advantage of the navy blazer is that it has a tremendous impact of making the outfit look smart, although you simply combine it with a pair of jeans and “grown-up” trainers. Remember, the simpler blazer (meaning no golden buttons and brass accessories) and the darker navy tone, the more classy your outfit will be.

  • A pair of chinos, preferably neutral colored

If you are a fan of chinos, then the same rules available for jeans apply: they need to fit you perfectly in order to get the maximum impact out of them. However, if you want your chinos to become just as versatile as your slim jeans, then it is mandatory to pick up a pair in neutral colors. The reason for this is that it is much easier to create combinations using a pair of traditional chinos than to find the perfect piece of clothing to go with more complex and sophisticated versions of these trousers.

  • A dark-colored V-neck sweater

In my opinion, the V-neck jumper was especially created to complement a white shirt and obtain the maximum elegance with minimum effort. And, the best part is that it works equally well with your office suit trousers as well as your jeans.

  • A plaid dress shirt

Granted, most men steer clear of plaid shirts due to the inevitable association with the “lumberjack uniform”. If you want to avoid creating this impression, then search for the classy designs and patterns, meaning those that you can use with the formal attires you wear at the office or at a formal gathering. Therefore, make sure that the plaids are not too large and always wear the shirt with a dark colored tie and jacket.

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