A New Watch Style Without Breaking The Bank

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If you have been wearing the same watch for a long time now, you might be getting tired of it and want to wear something new. However, buying a new watch can be expensive and there is really nothing wrong with your old one. You simply want to change up your look so that you can stay trendy and fashionable.

A great solution is to keep your watch and yet replace your watch band. A new watch band will be much cheaper than buying an entire new watch and it is a way to change up your look. You will be surprised to find how much changing your watch strap can make you feel like you are wearing an entirely new watch.

You can even invest in a few different watch straps so that you can replace your watch band a few times a year. Perhaps you can have a band which suits formal occasions and one which is more casual. You can also replace your watch band for something lighter in the summertime and something heavier and more sombre in the winter. There are also different materials of watch straps which are suited for different situations, such as a rubber strap for playing sports, a leather strap for formal wear and a steel bracelet for day to day use. There are even nylon straps which have become very popular in military watches and in urban fashion. You could even have a few watch straps of different colours so that you could replace your watch band to match the colour of your outfit.

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Buying a New Watch Band

The first thing you will need to do if you want to replace your watch band is to find a strap which is the right size. The width of the strap is measured in millimetres and is called the “lug width”. Your watch will likely have a lug width of between 20-24 mm unless it is a vintage piece which might have a narrower lug width of 16 or 18mm.

You can figure out the lug width of your watch by using a metric ruler or a set of callipers to measure it. You could also look up the watch from the company website online as the statistics might be listed.

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How to Replace Your Watch Band

It can be quite easy to replace your watch band and there is no need to pay a watchmaker whenever you want to do it. You can perform the task yourself with the help of a strap changing tool. This is a small tool which has a knurled handle, replaceable forks and a reversible fork/needle end. There are many different types of these tools out there so just shop around until you find one that fits your budget.

You might also want to have a spare bag of spring bars, because these can break or fly across the room and disappear in the carpet.

Start by clearing a comfortable working surface which is well lit and where you can arrange all of the small watch pieces without worrying about them blowing or rolling away. Some people like to use a non-stick kitchen mat as a handy working surface.

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Almost every watch band will be connected to the watch by the use of a small spring-loaded bar called a “spring bar”. Lower your chair so that you can get down close to the watch and take a close look, you should see that on either side of your timepiece where the watch face joins the wristband there is a small hole. Inside the hole there is a pin. When you replace your watch band you will need to push your tool into the first hole so that the pin pops out the other side. This should release the spring bar and allow you to remove the wristband.

While your spring bar is out, take this opportunity to remove any built-up grime. Then, take your new strap and position the ends in the right place so that you can re-insert the pins in order to skewer the band correctly and hold it in place. It might take a few tries, especially if this is your first time. Use the spring bar to push the first pin into place as far as it will go, then perform the same task on the other side.

Every watch is different, so you might need to adjust these instructions depending on the style of watch you have. However, if you have followed these steps to replace your watch band correctly, your strap should now be firmly in place.

Now that you know how to replace your watch band, you can do it anytime you like so that you will always be able to update your watch quickly and cheaply with a new look depending on the season, your activity or your mood.

If you can replace watch band instead of your entire watch, you can have a whole new look for a much cheaper price. Here are some tips for switching over your watch band.