A Man’s Verdict On Jewellery

  • Sumo

When it comes to jewellery, many men don’t really have a clue. They realise that women like sparkly items, and they know that buying jewellery for a woman is a sign of love and adoration. Plus, let’s face it, we ladies drop enough hints if there’s something we really want our man to buy for us. So when it comes to buying jewellery for women, men have got it sussed. Confusion lies in jewellery for men. What does men’s jewellery actually mean? For the alpha male, the word ‘jewellery’ conjures up an image of sparkling diamonds, necklaces, bracelets and earrings; pretty much everything for women. What a lot of men fail to grasp, is that men’s jewellery doesn’t just have to be a wedding ring, or a cheap gangster style chain; it can be a fancy watch, a leather bracelet, and cufflinks.

man jewelry

So I asked a couple of my favourite males for their opinion on jewellery for men. Here’s what they came up with…

The Boyfriend: “Jewellery… for men? Do you mean wedding rings? Isn’t jewellery more of a womanly thing? I thought all jewellery was sparkly and pretty. I see women at work squealing with excitement over each other’s engagement rings, or compiling their wish-list of new charms for their bracelets. But I never hear men discussing jewellery. Unless you’re hinting that you want me to start wearing a chain, but I didn’t have you down as someone who’d be into that look on a guy. And I downright refuse to get any piercings, no thank you, not for me. I don’t need, nor do I want, extra holes in my body. Plus, I just don’t think I’d look good with say, my eyebrow pierced.”

A bit later, once I’d properly explained the full range of men’s jewellery…

“Ooooh I didn’t realise watches were classed as jewellery. Well I guess you can buy them from a jewellery shop after all. Now that’s definitely not a girly item. You can tell a lot about a man from his choice of watch. If he wears a neon rubber watch, chances are he’s really into sport and wears it for running or cycling. Then there are the businessmen who always have the most expensive, designer brands. Now they look good; proper manly watches, chunky, heavy wrist straps, big faces, and all of those cool dials on the face. I’d love one of those. I like mine though, it’s simple, a good colour (it’s silver with a black face) and it tells me what date it is; can’t ask for much more than that really.”

The best male friend: “Urgh no, I don’t like it. I’ll only wear a watch, and I’ve never worn one of those awful chains. I didn’t know that cufflinks were also classed as jewellery; I don’t mind those, even if they are a bit showy.”

So there you have it; the verdict on men’s jewellery, straight from the horse’s mouth. Men need love and attention too; treat the man in your life to some male jewellery (watches and cufflinks are allowed), and show him that jewellery isn’t reserved for women.

This guest blog contributed by Shauna Sampson a freelance blog writer who often covers issues of fashion and style and who is currently looking for the perfect engagment ring 🙂