A Complete Guide for Motorcycle Jackets for Women

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Now, men have no monopoly in motorcycle riding, as the number of women bikers is also quickly increasing with passage of time. In the past, females used to sit only on the back seat of motorcycle to ride with men. But today, women are taking interest in bike riding and can ride bikes to wherever they want. According to a research by Motorcycle Industry Council, the number of women bikers in 2009 was around 1.3 million. Today, there is huge range of companies that are specifically focusing on making bikes, bikes’ gears and bikes’ accessories for women.

Motorcycle Jackets

Why to Buy Women Biker Jackets

By wearing trendy bike jackets, women look more sexy and attractive to men. Motorcycle jackets for women undoubtedly come with additional designs and features as opposed to men jackets. Women jackets come with various cool collar and neck jackets. Women can access jackets with simple tee as top, or some eye-catching printed blouse. Following are some additional stylish and cool features of women jackets.

Make blouse and skirt more fashionable – Women jackets add great fashion and style to simple skirts and blouses. They end just at the skirt’s waistband. Whether you wear denim skirt or a leather skirt, a black jacket will enlighten your personality and unfolds the beauty and style in you.

Amazing Contrast to Womanish Attires – Women motorcycle jackets always depict your girlie attitude with beautiful colorful designs and typical girlish body structure. Women like to wear different combination of bright colors like pink, green, yellow, blue etc. such colorful jackets make women look glamorous and prominent.

Make usual simple attire livelier – Motorcycle jackets jazz up your normal dull clothes. While going for excursion, you can just wear an attractive leather jacket over your dull clothes. These jackets improve your personality by hiding rough clothes. In many cases, when you have to go for urgent meeting or any work and you don’t find time to change clothes, women jackets help you to retain your personality.

Ideal match for jean getup – It is well-known fact that doesn’t require elaboration that jackets are ideal match for jeans. Wearing women jackets over jeans pants provide most classy look ever. Women can easily find desired colorful jackets that perfectly match with color of pants.

Women Motorcycle Jackets VS Men Motorcycle Jackets

It would be a narrow-minded thinking to consider that women are not as fast and skillful riders as men are. Today, women have proved that they can ride bikes as skillfully as men do. As far as protection and durability is concerned, biker jackets for both men and women are very much alike. They can come with different features depending upon the needs and specifications of men and women. There are many women jackets’ features that are different from men’s jackets’ features such as:

Collars – Men jackets come with more room as opposed to women jackets. The extra room provides comfort for wider necks. In addition, collars of men’s jackets are straighter, while women’s collars come with small slant that aims to front center.

Colors – Men’s jackets mostly come with black and grey colors and have limited color choices. On the other hand, women’s jackets come with huge variety of colors such as green, pink, white, black, grey, blue, red, purple etc. Pink motorcycle jackets for women are one of the most demanding jackets.

Zippers, Buttons – Men’s jackets usually include zippers and buttons on right-hand side, while women’s jackets’ zippers and button are designed on left-hand side. This trend began in past when men had to use their right hand to extract sword, while rich women usually own jackets with buttons. But why women had buttons on left-hand side? The reason is that right-handed maids were able to easily dress their ladies with the help of left-hand side buttons.

Sizes Length, width and height of men’s jackets is greater than women’s jackets. However, women jackets are made with higher waist-cut design as per the structure of women’s bodies. They also include extra fabric in the breast area. A large sized female jacket come with an upper body room of 36 inches to 38 inches across with a 30-inch to 32-inch perimeter for the waist. On the other hand, males’ large sized jackets come with a 42-inch to 44-inch upper body room and are 33-in to 34-in across the waist.

How to Choose Women Jackets

Prior to purchasing Women Motorcycle Jackets, it is highly recommended to check the effectiveness and quality of the jackets’ stitching. If you find any irregularity in stitching or you find it inappropriate, then you should immediately reject it as such jackets do not last long and may get fragile easily. You must ensure that stitching is perfectly smooth and will not get broken easily. As the women take interest in apparel’s construction and designs, so it is not difficult for them to evaluate a number of jackets and find the best one with highest quality.

The next most important factor that you should keep in mind prior to purchasing a jacket is the material of the jacket. The women jackets are usually made of leather, denim and other types of fabrics. The leather is most used material for the manufacturing of motorcycle jackets. You can decide what kind of leather motorcycle jackets for women will be fit for you. These jackets are made from the leather of skin of different animals such as goat, cow, pig etc. You should carry out a thorough research to find out that what kind of material is suitable for your utmost protection and that is quite durable to last for very long time.

Motorcycle jackets come with multiple purposes, so why should one stick to just one purpose? Do not forget that motorcycle jackets come with huge varieties of style and fashion. They give very powerful fashion statement. So, after checking the quality and reliability of a jacket, you need to look for a most eye-catching and trendier style that improves your personality. As women are obsessed with fashion and style of attires; therefore, jackets for women are particularly made to satisfy this ultimate need of the women. You can easily find jackets with almost any color, design, shape, size you want.