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According to the busy schedule of fashion designers around the world, fall and winter are the two seasons when eyes of fashion critics and journalists are focused on what’s new for the next spring and summer. However, when it comes to the street style, some of the popular patterns never change. What changes from time to time is the diversity of products and the source of inspiration.

The Influence of Asia Style

If you’re not a frequent visitor to Asia, you’re probably not familiar with the local fashion trends. However, just by reading more about the latest influences in terms of street fashion you’ll get to know the most common trends and sources of inspiration for Asian fashion, as the styles from Seoul and Tokyo are gradually entering the streets of Paris, London and New York City.

The New Asian Wardrobe

As you may not be accustomed with those trends, you would benefit from finding out more about what this new style is all about. Most Asian fashion items have already hit the Western market many years ago, so you don’t have to worry about the latest trends resulting in a dramatic change of style.

For example, the jumpsuits, available both for elegant and more sports-oriented people, were originally spawned by Korean fashion models. Eventually they found their way into the everyday life of fashion lovers in Europe and North America.

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What else can be found in the Asian wardrobe? First of all, those can be several models of leggings. The most popular models from this category are those made of denim or leather. Secondly, there are the fashionable peplum jackets, which are not only elegant, but also very practical when a rainy season hits your town. Finally, there are various V-neck cardigans and hoodies, which continue to be some of the most sought after products for the younger generation.

When it comes to more stylish choices, you can hardly pass on one or more items from the huge collection of dresses. A long lace sleeve casual dress might just turn you into a real fashion icon. The blazers continue to be trendy and recommended by stylists, especially in the case of black, blue and leopard patterned models.

Asian Fashion is Affordable

One of the main advantages of Asian fashion items is their relatively cheap price. By ordering your products from an online store for less than $100 (including shipping costs), you can add at least 4 great items that will change your look for the best. In most cases, the products are provided with a warranty certificate and can be returned up to 29 days after the purchase was made.

Most online stores that deliver such products are able to offer a wide range of models, a variety of secure payment options and professional customer service.

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