95 Other Places You Can Wear Your Bridal or Bridesmaid Shoes

  • Sumo

Finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes to go with your dress can be a hard task. If you’re clever, you’ll treat yourself to a couple of pairs of shoes – one pair to wear for the ceremony and the second more comfortable to wear for the rest of the day.

There’s a superb choice of bridal and bridesmaid shoes out there – in fact when you start looking, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But what a shame to buy some gorgeous shoes for them to get buried in a wardrobe after the big day!

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Choosing Wedding Shoes to Wear on Other Occasions

Clever girls buy stylish, comfortable shoes to wear at their weddings – and the shoes complete the perfect “princess” look. But they also choose shoes that can be worn on other occasions – after the reception is over.

These girls buy wedding shoes that don’t get buried in the back of their wardrobes because the shoes they invest in are stylish and classical enough to wear with other outfits – the bonus these days is the trend for brides to wear colourful bridal shoes.

Cocktail Time

A classy pair of bridal or bridesmaid shoes can be worn for a formal night out and paired up with a sleek cocktail dress, they can look stunning. Wedding shoe trends at the moment are lush, with electric colours featuring high on a bride and bridesmaid’s “must have” lists.

Proms Time

When it comes to that time of the year that all girls adore – proms night, then bridesmaid can wear their bridal shoes with a gown or classy outfit for the big night out with their friends – classy footwear works with proms gowns!

Wedding Bells

Then of course, there’s a good chance a girl will be invited to another wedding and if she has a classic pair of bridal shoes in her wardrobe, there’s no reason why they can’t be worn for a second time – but remember a classic design will stand a girl in good stead when it comes to being able to pair the shoes up with other wedding outfits.

The Bell of the Ball

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to a very formal ball, then bridal and bridesmaid shoes are the perfect option to wear under a beautiful ball gown. Wedding shoes are lush when worn with long dresses with the toes just peeping out from under a hem.

A Stylish Night Out With the Girls

Getting dressed up for a girls’ night out is fun – glitz and glam is always on the cards and finding the perfect dress or outfit for the occasion can be as exciting as the night out itself. Having a gorgeous pair of bridal or bridesmaid shoes in your wardrobe means you will be choosing the outfit to go with them – instead of the other way round.

A clever girl makes sure she has bridal shoes she can wear for other occasions and the same goes for her bridesmaids. Fashionistas the world over love buying stylish footwear – the key is to buy quality shoes that will never age when it comes to style and looks.