9 Things You Definitely Want to Avoid at University

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There are plenty of things you want to and should do at university, but there are also some you want to avoid, here they are.

1. Fast Food Diets

I know it’s tempting to gorge on pizza and Chinese takeout when you get to university; it’s cheap, delicious and requires minimal effort. Besides, your mum isn’t there to shake her head at you.

However, going to the shop and buying actual ingredients for real, adult meals can save you money in the end and you can make your mum proud by sending her pictures of your best dishes!

2. Lost and Found

When going out on the town try to minimize the amount of stuff you bring with you. The more you bring, the more you could possibly lose. And I’m telling you this as someone who has left numerous scarves and jumpers in bars and other people’s houses.


3. Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow…

I’m a major procrastinator, I admit it. I always have been, but when I got to university I realized that the way I worked and studied before wasn’t going to cut it there.

 In university depending on your degree, the work flow can be rather inconsistent. There can be a few days or even a week where you find yourself with some much appreciated free time, and then exams happen and you can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to get all of your work done.

So try to better your time management if you can, you’ll thank yourself later.


4. Being Broke

University students are well known for being cheap and I’m sure you’re already considering possible ways through which you can save money. Budgeting is a great way to me financially responsible, but it’s sometimes hard to budget in the unexpected expenses and to say no to what might seem like great deals.

Clothing store sales are great – when you need something in particular. Try not to get swept up in the idea that because it’s on sale you should get it now, especially if it’s not something you really need.

Studying in Starbucks is like a rite of passage for college students, but do try to avoid it and head to the library instead if you really can’t afford that delicious chocolate chip cookie or the tasty caramel latte.

5. Anxiety Attack

These years are going to fly by and before you know it you’ll be a fully fledged adult; paying bills, buying a house, working 9-5. Enjoy this extension of childhood and appreciate it. Try not to pull all-nighters to finish assignments or spend all of your time in the library studying. I’m not saying don’t work hard, just try to find a balance so you can actually enjoy yourself as well.

6. The Path Well Travelled By

Don’t simply take the traditional route, if there’s a subject you’re really interested in work out your schedule to include a class on that subject. You are going to have to take classes that you’re not going to love, so taking even one that you genuinely care about will help make that burden a little lighter.

7. Unreachable Goals

Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you know setting even 20 alarms isn’t going to get you out of bed before 9am then try to organise your schedule so you have mostly afternoon classes. You’re there to learn and work hard, not torture yourself.

8. Danger

Be wary, all of the time. I know you probably already try to avoid walking home in the dark alone, but taking your eyes off your laptop to get a packet of sugar for your coffee at Starbucks is another situation you should avoid. Take care of your things and be wary of your surroundings during the day as well.

9. STDs

This one might seem obvious, but it’s always worth repeating. Be careful who you choose to go home with and use protection, you don’t want a bout of Chlamydia to ruin your experience.

Is there anything else you can think of to avoid to while at university?

Susannah Perez is a blogger who lives life to the fullest. She recommends Dr Fox for all of the answers to your health related questions.