6 Top Tips To Help You Quit Smoking Today

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We all know that once you get addicted to smoking cigarettes, quitting can be a major challenge – but it is possible. Smoking has a devastating effect on the body and some of the medical conditions derived or contributed to by smoking often lead to death. Reclaiming and protecting your quality of life should be your main aim when you begin on your journey and decide to quit – most people are lucky enough to quit cold turkey without any kind of assistance which is a hard way of doing it, but it is often the most effective.

The body processes nicotine in a short period of time but you should note that before it gets easier to stop it will get harder and you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms when you first stop smoking. For those of us not in a position to quit cold turkey, you can use nicotine replacement therapy which includes lozenges, gum and patches to give you smaller amounts of nicotine throughout the day to ease your craving. You should note that this kind of medication shouldn’t be used while you are still smoking though. Some additional tips to help you successfully quit smoking include:

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1. Make a life-changing decision
For you to quit smoking you have to really want it and ultimately make the commitment to yourself. Make a list of the real reasons you want to quit to serve as motivation during those periods when you are going through tough withdrawal symptoms. Also, you may be able to come up with practical solutions to any issues you might encounter during the quitting process.

2. Get a support system and use e cigs
You should inform your friends and loved ones of your decision; try to get other people in the household who are smoking to stop together with you too, a team effort will be easier to handle and if you are in close contact with people who are still smoking whilst you are trying to quit it will be harder to stop. The support you get from your loved ones will be invaluable and they will always be there to push you ahead when you feel like giving in. You can also try e cigarettes to help you quit gradually because they are a much healthier version that can help you quit traditional cigarettes.

3. Set a stop date
Decide which date you are finally going to stop smoking, plan for it and prepare yourself mentally for it. Studies show that if you smoke a lower number of cigarettes, the nicotine levels will not change because you will smoke more of each individual cigarette. This is the major reason why you need to stop immediately from a pre-set scheduled date.

4. Get rid of cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia
Once you stop smoking, it is highly advisable to avoid any triggers or situations that may tempt you to start smoking again. Throw away all your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays in your car, at home or at work. Seeing these items around you will tempt you to smoke again and could tip you over the edge and back into the habit.

5. Remain positive
If you do not believe that you are going to be successful in your endeavor, then most likely you will end up fulfilling this belief. However, if you slip up and end up smoking again, you should not berate yourself and give up. You should not allow the setback to destroy how far that you have come and it is wise to reflect on the situation. This will help you to think of how you could have done things differently and use it in future to your benefit.

6. Reward yourself
Set yourself a target whereby when you have reached a certain period of time without smoking you can reward yourself. Save the money that you would have used to buy cigarettes and buy something that you have wanted for a while like jewelry or a spa day.

This will give you the motivation to achieve each target that you have set for yourself over a period of time. Your friends and loved ones should be a part of these celebrations too since they are your support system throughout the process.

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