6 Original Ways to Wear Pearls & Style Them

  • Sumo

Natural, warm treasures of the oceans, pearls have been among our favorite gemstones ever since we discovered them. Although they were associated with special occasions for a long time, and only used to see the light of day on wedding days or formal dinners, nowadays, things are a bit different. We’ve incorporated pearls in various styles and designs, adapting them to a different living pace. If you don’t know how to break the ice and take out your strand of pearls from its jewelry case where you’ve been keeping it for a while, get inspired with these unique suggestions.

Colorful pearl necklace

Statement pearl necklace

If you want to put a spin on a vintage strand of pearls, you don’t need to invest a lot. All you need is velvet ribbon in your favorite color. For a dressier style, choose black velvet and attach it to the clasps of a short pearl necklace. Tie it on the nape of your neck into a cute ribbon, leaving the tails to flow down. You won’t fail to attract compliments, especially if you pair this necklace with a backless dress.

Glimmering pearl hair updo

To emphasize a sophisticated coiffure, you can use hairpins or various hairpieces. But our suggestion will look even more stunning. You can string pearls onto strands of hair for a romantic, effortless look. To avoid looking like a bride, don’t keep everything too matching. Use different pearl sizes or shades and play around with the placement. You can only embellish one side of your hair or add the pearls only to a voluminous bun for striking effect.

Contemporary body jewelry

Pearls are not only made to be strung on a silk thread and wrapped around the neck. They can also look amazing incorporated in nose rings or eyebrow rings. A single long pearl strand can instantly elevate a simple evening outfit if you wrap it once around your neck in a tight choker, leaving the rest to fall on your back.

Clothes upgrade

Ever thought of incorporating pearls in your clothes? You might be tempted to think this is only allowed for brides but that’s not necessarily true. A few pearls sewn tastefully on a bodice or on a dress conveys an irresistible glow and transforms the outfit from modest to sparkling.

Unconventional uses

You don’t have to look too far for inspiration on how to restyle your pearls. A long, 60 inch single strand is the most versatile because it enables you to create several strands of different lengths and play around with the styles. To find more uses for the long pearl rope, you can use it as a belt, tied around your waist. This will look stunning with straight dresses because it creates shape and accentuates your waistline. To secure it in place, use your favorite vintage brooch or a statement earring.

Playful touches

We’re used to think about pearls as white or pastel colored, but that’s a thing of the past. It’s easy now to add pops of colors, whether we’re talking about asymmetrical earrings, multicolored pearl necklaces or fun bracelets. Natural pearls offer beautiful shades of gold, while cultured ones come in lush blacks. If you’re yearning after deep pinks, greens or lavender, freshwater mussels don’t fail to cater to your desires. Want to go even bolder? Glass and ceramic artificial pearls come in all colors, from bright orange to neon green.

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