5 Unusual Gifts Your Dad Will Love

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Does you dad have every gift imaginable? Is one more tie going to cause his closet to explode? Then why not choose something more interesting this holiday season? Whether it’s a unique set of shot glasses or his own figurine, these are gifts that will truly surprise him. The following are just five unusual gifts your dad will love.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

himalayan salt tequila shot glasses

Who needs to salt the glass when you can drink from a glass made of salt? If your dad loves gourmet food, this is an excellent gift. The set comes with four Himalayan salt shot glasses, which will live up to the flavor of your father’s favorite tequila. Forget coarse salt, this is the way to go! Add a bottle of high-dollar tequila and you’ve got an awesome gift.

State Quarter Ring

state quarter rings

These rings are handmade by artisans and do require ordering the gift by December 10th in order to get the gift in time for the holidays. The ring is made from cut and shaped state quarters and is available in sizes 3-12 with half sizes included. If your father is a coin collector, he will love this unusual gift.

Computer Motherboard Cufflinks

Computer Motherboard Cufflinks

Does your dad tool around with computers? Then what better gift than cufflinks made from recycled motherboards? These are truly geek chic and will pair with the nicest of business suits. There’s no way your dad already has a pair of these in his jewelry collection.

Man Crates Crate

crate man drinks

Whether your father is into survival or snacks, Man Crates Crates offers a wooden crate filled with fun gifts. For example, you can purchase a crate that includes chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, and more. It’s a simple concept, but so unusual that your father will love it.

Custom Action Figure

custom action figures

Last, but not least, give your dad the ultimate action figure – one that looks like him. You can even find some companies that offer talking action figures. Even the most uptight dad will get a kick out this unique gift. Whether you choose the sports action figure or turn your dad into a Jersey Shore character, he’ll be showing his action figure off to everyone.

Whether your dad has a lot of money or you’ve been buying him gifts for a few decades, you can still find him unusual and unique gifts. These are just a few of the options. Think about what your dad loves to do and find something that matches his interests. While he may be expecting another tie or pair of slippers, he will be surprised to see something different this holiday season.

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