5 Types of Prom Dresses 2014

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Dresses are staples of most women’s wardrobes, and for good reason. Not only are they versatile and can be worn at almost any occasion, but the vast selections available also allow women to create their own looks. This is an impressive feat for one piece of clothing.

Naturally, most women don’t own just one dress. They own several dresses in several different styles. If you really want to make your wardrobe complete, here are some of the many types of dresses you should own and where you will want to wear them.

The Sun Dress

As its name implies, a sun dress is perfect for warm weather. Sun dresses are lightweight and usually come in bright colors. They can be worn casually with sandals or flats, or they can be dressed up with heels and expensive jewelry. They can even be worn in the winter for fun gatherings if you combine them with tights and a cardigan sweater. Above all else, this dress is fun and perfect for casual parties or a night out.

Prom Dresses

The Printed Floral Dress

The classic printed floral dress is similar to the sun dress, except there’s something about it that makes it seem more elegant and mature. Like any good dress, it is also versatile enough to say and be anything. If you want to be bold and stand out, go with a brightly colored dress with lots of red. If you want a more subdued look, you can go with cooler shades of blue or green. Either choice is great for someone who wants to look mature and elegant without appearing too formal.

The Floor Length Evening Dress

Most formal occasions call for a stunning floor-length evening dress. This dress looks great in solid colors or prints and, like the sun dress, it can be dressed up with jewelry and heels or dressed down with a casual handbag and flats. This kind of dress also works for almost anyone. Tall, slender women look great in a slip dress, while someone with a curvier figure will look great in an empire-waist and halter maxi dress. Women can even make themselves look taller if they opt for a dress of a solid color.

The Party Dress

Everybody needs at least one piece of clothing they can slip on for going out when they don’t want to fuss too much over their appearance. For women, this is a slip-on party dress. A party dress is usually pretty casual, but it can be jazzed up with embellished necklines, retro color combinations and a hemline that comes just above the knee. Overall, this dress is a lot of fun and a little flirty, and no woman should be without one in her wardrobe.

The Knee-Length Tailored Dress

We all have to go to formal occasions sometime, and when we do we should look like mature adults. This is why every woman should have a tailored knee-length dress. These dresses are perfect for formal, “grown up” events, but they can also be worn to work in a pinch. They may not be flashy, but these dresses are definitely classy.

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