5 Top Tips To Giving Your Clothes The Expensive Look

  • Sumo

Ever since man came up with the idea of dressing, so much has been done in the fashion industry just to bring out the best in all clothes. There are designer clothes to ordinary clothes and all of these come in a wide array of colour, shape, price and materials. For the person who does not want to spend so much in clothing, the question remains on how to make the clothes they buy appear expensive.

With a little creativity, this is very possible and the below tips can be followed to achieve an expensive look.

  1. 1.      Select fabrics wisely

One of the things about clothes and fashion is that how a dress will look like when you wear it is the quality of the fabric. A very cheap fabric will appear cheap regardless of how well it will be designed. With this knowledge, you know what to avoid.

Rather than buy cloth cut from cheap fabric, opt for the natural fabrics as these do not fade fast and can be accessorised very easily. If you must buy some clothes with synthetic fabric, let the synthetic not be more than 20%. Linen, cotton and silk should be what you purchase.

clothes look expensive

  1. 2.      Become an accessory queen

Once you have bought the clothes, it is now time to venture out and accessorize. This should be any girl’s domain and it should be easy for you. It is a basic rule that any lady should have at least one pair of leather jacket and shoes. To this, add belts, caps, jewellery and scarves.

If you are an outdoor person, add several good looking watches to your wardrobe and you will always attract attention. It is very important to note that the more accessories you have the better off you will be as you will be able to match all your outfits.

  1. 3.      Be creative and experiment

You may have all the money in the world but it can never buy you a sense of style. It is how you use what you buy that makes the difference. With this said, creativity comes into play and this is where you do that which is rare. For instance, you can teach yourself to mix both costly cloth pieces and the not so costly ones. With this ability, no one will ever be able to tell that you do not go for the most expensive top in the boutique.

  1. 4.      Do not compromise on quality

Unfortunately, this is where people go wrong. Just because you want to buy cheap does not mean that you buy poor quality. As you shop, take time to inspect the seams and the how well the edges are done to make sure you pay for a cloth worth your cash. It has been said that expensive does not necessarily mean quality so you should know your way around a regular store to come out with quality at a lower price. Do not forget to check the buttons and the patterns to see that they blend well together.

  1. 5.      You will never go wrong with black

If you want to be described as versatile and elegant, then black should never miss in your wardrobe. Black is easy to accessorize with and you can wear it to almost all occasions without a worry. It does not matter whether you are attending a formal or casual function, you can mix black with white and you will be the centre of attention.

Belle is a fashion stylist who also loves writing articles for Michael Stars Clothing. Other than that, she is a professional tailor who has received many accolades due to her creativity and fashion design genius. Function dresses are her speciality.