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That’s Way Retro Man

If you’re now old enough to truly appreciate the meaning of nostalgia then you are in for a treat. There’s a big difference between understanding nostalgia and feeling nostalgia and for those who’ve got the feeling there’s not much more chic that an awesome retro t shirt to show you were there man! Retro t shirts are an ace way to show your love of your childhood, and while nostalgia might cloud your judgement these classic retro t shirts are as sharp as ever…

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Who You Gonna Call?

This might be a question, but it’s also one hell of a statement. If you don’t know the answer to this question then Ray, Egon, Winston and Peter will be around shortly to bust you. Ghostbusters way one of the coolest movies of the 80’s and played host to one of the catchiest theme tunes imaginable. The image of the ghost peeking through the not allowed red sign is synonymous with the classic show and makes an ace retro t shirt.

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It’s your choice between two classics here. Good or evil? Optimus or Megatron? The two transformers logos had a pretty major resurgence in recent years with the success of the Michael Bay trilogy of movies revamping the franchise. Each of these t shirts features the memorable Autobot (Good Guys) and Decepticon (Bad Guys) logos that many of us will remember rotating on our TV screens when we were little.

Born to Kill

A bit of a darker tone here, but still an absolute classic and a poignant ironic sentiment on the horrors of war. Taken from the poster art of Stanley Kubrick’s classic war movie full metal jacket this t shirt with the words scrawled across a grunts helmet is no glorification of the deeds in war. This is a comment on the dehumanising effects of war. This is affecting stuff and a great way to show your love of a classic movie and abhorrence for war.

Feel the Need for Speed

One of many classic movies from the 80’s and one featuring some of the best lines, Topgun was awesome. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a shot in a fighter jet? With awesome stunts and some of the coolest call signs you can see why Topgun is a favourite of many.  Whether you’re a Maverick, Iceman, Viper, Jester or even Goose, there is almost certainly a Top Gun t shirt for you. These classic call sign t shirts come with every possible character name on the back so pick your favourite.


Waynestock baby! Were you there? Before Austin Powers started to use his Mojo to woo the ladies, Mike Myers was known as the coolest rocking slacker Wayne from Wayne’s World. Party Time! Excellent! In the films sequel (Wayne’s World 2 believe it or not) Wayne decides that to make something of his life by arranging a rock festival called “Waynestock”. Cue the flood of Waynestock t shirts. This was the Woodstock of the 80’s dude!

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