5 Tips to Getting the Perfect Humidor for Your Cigars

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Looking after your cigars is extremely important for a long life. This is controlled by a humidor, which is a box or room where the cigars are stored. You need to make sure that this room is perfect and here are some tips to help with that.

1.      Why Humidors Are Important

Think about the origins of cigars – warm places such as the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Having a high humidity is important for the life of a cigar to ensure the best taste, which is why a humidor is so important. The humidor is usually a box, but can be a room, that is made of cedar wood – or at least lined with it. This helps to control the moisture of the cigar to ensure that the tobacco does not dry out.

2.      Using the Humidor for the First Time

When buying a humidor, avoid putting your cigars straight into it, especially your favorite ones. You will need to make sure that the box has the perfect humidity to start with, which is never the case for newly purchased ones. By placing them directly into the box, the box will draw out the moisture to help the initial regulating of the humidity. This leads to the cigar drying out.

Instead, allow some days for the humidity of the wood to regulate itself. This will mean storing your cigars elsewhere – or avoid buying any until the box is perfect. You need to set the humidity to the ideal level for your cigars before placing them in the box.

3.      Controlling the Level of Humidity

It is very easy to control the level of the humidity in the boxes. They all come with a humidifier where you will need to place water into it regularly. Only use distilled water and do this at least once a month. If you open the box on a daily basis, you will need to add water on a more regular basis. Check the water level to see whether it is running low. It is best to do this once a week, especially if you do open daily.

4.      Storing Your Box

When you store the humidor, you will need to make sure that it is not in direct sunlight and away from draughts. 70F is the optimum temperature but you can get away with a couple of degrees up or down. 70 degrees is about the normal temperature of a room but avoid bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else that becomes warm and moist.

5.      Cutting and Lighting Your Cigars

Do you like to cut your cigars? Some people prefer to use a cocktail stick to create the opening instead of cutting. This is a personal choice but make sure you do it carefully to get all theflavor.

perfect humidor

When lighting the cigar, avoid matches where possible as these will lead to sulphurous smoke getting into the cigar, which leads to losing the flavor. Use cedar tapers and store them in the humidor.

If you want a stronger and better taste, it is best to store your cigars for longer. They improve as they get older, similar to fine wines. However, they will need to be stored in the best way.

Looking after your cigars is important to ensure the best flavor. A humidor is the best way to store cigars for a long period but you do need to look after it. You will need to top up the water regularly and make sure that the box is stored at the optimum temperature.

Andrew Name has been working in the tobacco industry for 12 years and enjoys cigars. He likes to share his experience with others and offers tips to everyone for caring for cigars and humidors.