5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Purse Dirt Free

  • Sumo

As a purse owner, you will be aware of how dirty it can become. It comes in contact with your hands and more frequently the inside of a bag which means that it can pick up dirt and grime quickly.

The following tips will help to keep your purse in tip-top condition.

  1. The main thing is to try and clean your purse on a regular basis, to ensure your purse doesn’t get damaged or frayed. When you do decide to clean it, use a damp cloth to remove any cleaning agent that you use because you could cause further damage. Ensure that you use a cleaning solution that is made specifically for the material of your purse so that you do not cause more damage. For example, a leather purse should be cleaned using a special leather cleaner and not a solution for suede.
  2. Cleaning the inside of your purse will require you to remove all of the contents and then use a damp cloth with some mild soap to begin the cleaning process. If possible, pull out the interior as this will help ensure you prevent you using too much liquid which can soak into the lining and work its way into the exterior material.
  3. If your purse is laden with spots and stains there are things that you can do to get rid of them. For suede purses, a dry eraser is a great way of removing stains and if that fails then a vinegar solution and a light brush usually does the trick. Testing a small area beforehand will make sure that the products you are using are suitable for the material. Ink stains can be removed using nail polish remover or vinegar and if you need to tackle a spot when it happens then perfume works well. Leather purses should be cleaned with water and a soft detergent followed by Vaseline which will help to preserve the purse.
  4. It is not only about cleaning the purse but how you store it makes a difference. Purses and clutch bags are used in different seasons so when you are not using it, make sure you store it properly so that the colour and its shape remain intact. If the purse is leather, make sure that it can breathe; a pillowcase is great for protection while allowing it to breathe. Using tissue paper stuffed inside the purse will help to keep its shape and to ensure it smells sweet a quick squirt of perfume before you store it away will keep it fresh, this can also be used for handbags as well, especially ones that have a structured shape.
  5. However, if you have stored your purse and bring it back out months later to find that it smells, do not panic. Remove any bugs that may have found their way in and then tackle the smell. Removing the scent is simple. Stuff the purse or bag with newspaper or even baking soda for a few days and any odd smells will be absorbed.

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