5 Resolutions That Will Help You Organize

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There are things that can really make your life less enjoyable and clutter is one of them. Being organized is not hard but it can change the way the way you feel about your life. Disorganization adds to the stress of everyday life and no one needs more stress in their lives. Here are some of the best organizing ideas to help keep your life in order.

5 resolutions for organization

  1. Clutter collector is a good sized container that you can carry from place to place to temporarily store items that are out of place. If you do this this once a day you will be amazed at how clutter free your home looks. Of course, the clutter collector will eventually become full. Don’t wait that long to empty the collector. Ask family members to get all their stuff out of the collector and put it where it belongs at least every other day.
  2. Get rid of at least 5 useless things. Pick one room at a time and pick up five things that you never use and just don’t need. You do not have to throw them out. Give away or donate the items to charity. Someone else can try and make use of the useless item as it may not be useless to them. After a while the room you are working on will be clutter free and well organized with the items you truly want and need in that area.
  3. Bad habits are part of the reason why there is so much clutter in an area. For example if you have been leaving your clothes in the bathroom after a shower change that habit and make an effort to put them in the hamper or where ever they belong. Change one bad habit at a time and eventually you will get there. When you are not leaving the bed unmade, the laundry in the dryer, the dishes in the sink and the phone off the charger your life gets easier.
  4. A good idea when trying to decide what you need and don’t need is to think about the last time you used it or read it. A good example is books. Books are great but can really pile up. If you are someone who very rarely reads a book twice get a box and put the read books in it. There are multiple places that will recycle books. Libraries, schools, clubs and other places can use books. If you like to keep your books you need shelves to put them on. This is not hard or expensive but you really need a good spot for them. When you want to read the book again you can find it and it won’t be damaged by been left in the wrong place. A good habit is to always put the book on the shelf when your done or in the give away box. This system can also be used for CD’s or DVD’s.
  5. One of the best organizing ideas it to think of all the items in your home as being on a level system with three levels. The first level is stuff you use every day. The second level is stuff you use at least once a month. The third level is items you use on special occasions only. Locate and store all the stuff in your home according to these three levels and you will know where stuff is.

The best organizing ideas are the ones that work for you and your situation. Adapt the ideas here to your life and home situation and you will find yourself more organized.

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