5 Reasons to Not Give Your Partner the Family Heirloom Ring

Taking the big leap of getting married starts off with a simple question. But before you can pop the question you need to arrange for a ring. The chances are that your family heirloom ring has you covered. A pass-down ring is very special and can save you a lot of money.

Be it your grandmother, your mother, or your aunt, they might have kept aside their ring so that one day your partner can get to wear it. The memories attached to the ring make it priceless.

Here are some reasons why you should not give this treasured ring to your partner when you propose.

family heirloom engagement ring

Size Difference

The ring size of your partner may not be the same as the ring that has been kept. If the ring is too small then putting it on is impossible. If the ring is bigger, you might have to adjust it by trying a thread. Taking the ring to a jeweler to adjust it can result in some amount of wastage. With time the ring might become a little more brittle, so do not risk the ring by trying to get the size adjusted. In case the ring does not fit the plan to get her a new ring.

Make it Unique

An heirloom ring has its own value but the ring you get your partner has to be unique. The heirloom right comes with its own share of memories. But the new ring that you get your partner is uniquely for your partner. Give your partner a clean slate in the form of a new ring.

Give Her the Choice

Irrespective of how beautiful the heirloom ring is, it might not be what your partner might like. The heirloom ring was bought keeping in mind someone else. When you give your partner a ring you need to keep in mind their likes and dislikes. Your partner might like a family heirloom engagement ring over flashy ones, or vice-versa. Always keep your partner’s choice in mind before choosing a ring.

Updated Designs

The design of elegant wedding rings keeps getting updated constantly. The kind of ring that is being passed down is beautiful in its own right, but the design might be awfully outdated. For your partner, having the latest ring design might be important. Thus, keeping your partner’s wants in mind you can look at elegant wedding rings to find the perfect one to suit her.

Avoid the Risk

When you give your family heirloom ring to your partner you are handing over something extremely precious. You do not want to have a circumstance where you stand a chance to lose such a precious thing. Before giving the heirloom ring you might want to give your partner a ring that is not as irreplaceable. Once your wedding is finalized and you are about to take the plunge you might choose to give your partner the heirloom on the wedding day.

Keep your irreplaceable family heirloom and give your partner a beautiful ring that is perfect for her.

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