5 Jewelry Shopping Tips for Last Minute Shoppers

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Do you put off your gift buying until the last minute? If so, you are far from alone. One of the hardest gifts to purchase at the last minute is jewelry. While this is one of the most meaningful gifts, it is also one that should be very personal to the recipient and leave them feeling like you gave your selection a lot of time and consideration. Luckily, you can do this, even in a time crunch.

Here are a five ways you can make your last minute jewelry shopping experience a fast, easy and meaningful one.

1. Take into consideration the jewelry regularly worn by the recipient.

Start by recollecting what type of jewelry is most worn by the person you will be giving the gift to. If you are shopping for your wife at an online company, such as Front Jewelers, for example, this requires just a quick trip to the other room to look in her jewelry box. Take a look around and find out if she prefers white gold over yellow gold, or what her favorite gemstones seems to be.

2. Stay middle of the road on karat levels.

Going too high with your karat level will leave the metal too soft to wear every day, which can limit the usage of the gift. If you get too low of a karat level, it may wear out too quickly. Instead, choose 14 or 18 karat gold.

Online jewelry shopping buying guide

3. Don’t be pressured to make a fast decision.

When you shop in stores, you have the additional pressure of a sales person who is watching your every move and trying to talk you into a piece that may be more than you want to spend. Try shopping online for less pressure, or put your guard up as you head to the store.

4. Save money on the right things.

If you are looking for a way to cut costs, invest in a beautiful pendant instead of a more expensive item. This will still give a beautiful gift to your recipient, without sacrificing quality to save some money.

5. Always check the return policy.

When the company you purchase from has a good return policy, you can give the present to your loved one with more confidence. This will allow your recipient to exchange it for something else if they prefer.

Your present, even when shopped for at the last minute, can still be meaningful if you follow these tips and go the extra mile.

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