5 Great Ways to wear a New Era Cap

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That cap/hat has been an essential part of fashion. Basically, caps are worn by men to protect their face against the heat of the sun but as the years go by a lot of men use their cap as a fashion statement. As a matter of fact, even women and children nowadays wear caps. There are people who couldn’t go out of their home without their caps on. In the Hollywood, a lot of celebrities are wearing caps especially if they are out on the public. They also wear caps when they are attending different sports activities and other types of outdoor activities.

If you are going to search around or if you are going to search online, you will notice that there are a lot of designer’s caps. One of the commonly used caps of today is the New Era Cap. A lot of Hollywood celebrities are wearing New Era Caps including Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, to name a few.

The New Era Cap was founded by Ehrhardt Koch in 1920. It started out as a small company with only 12 employees, but nowadays New Era is the world’s leader when it comes to manufacturing stylish, fashionable, and excellent quality caps. The company has various international offices including in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

There are different ways to wear New Era Caps and in every way, you will be able to create a different look. Of course, you can wear your cap as per your preference but below are some of the recommended ways. If you want to get the most of your New Era Cap, you just simply need to follow these steps.

New Era Cap

#1 Wear your New Era Cap with the visor facing forward

This is actually the traditional way of wearing a cap. All you have to do is to simply put the cap on and let the visor faces forward. If you are going to protect your face from the extreme heat of the sun, then wear your cap with the visor facing forward.

#2 Wear your New Era Cap with the visor facing backwards

This is the total opposite of the first one. To achieve this look, simple wear your cap with the visor of the cap facing backwards. A lot of women wear their New Era Caps with visor facing backward. As a matter of fact, even rappers and gangsters do this because it gives them a cooler and gangster look.

#3 Wear the cap with the visor facing sideways

Basically, wearing the cap with the visor facing sideways gives you a younger and playful look. A lot of kids wear their caps with the visor either facing the left or right. If you want to achieve an innocent, playful, and sweet aura, then you should wear your New Era Cap sideways. It will surely do the trick.

#4 Wear the cap with the visor facing downward

To achieve this look, you should wear your cap with the visor facing forward but you have to gently push the visor downward. This will actually cover the upper half of your face thereby giving you an utmost protection, especially if you are out on a field.

#5 Free style

The style of wearing a cap depends on your preference and style. You can wear the cap along with a scarf just like other Hollywood celebrity does. Whatever the style is, it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with it.

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