5 Great Hobbies for Young Boys

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No matter what you choose, or who you are, it is always good to have a hobby; something you enjoy to enrich your life and make you more well-rounded. It is especially important for young boys to have a hobby in order to keep them from getting bored. And when they find something they like, the hobbies young boys get into when they are young tend to stick with them for the rest of their life. If they are fortunate, their hobbies may even turn into a career.

From building a model plane to playing a guitar, here are 5 great hobbies for young boys:

1. Putting together model cars, planes, and boats is a classic hobby for young boys.

If the child in your life has an interest in cars, airplanes, or boats, odds are, he’s going to enjoy this hobby. Boys can have hours of fun figuring out the intricacies of a naval aircraft carrier. And there is nothing more gratifying than slowly watching your Spitfire plane model come together. Putting together a model plane teaches young boys patience, diligence, and the very important lesson of how to effectively follow directions.

2. Martial arts is a healthy and fun hobby for any young child.

Mastering the art of karate will broaden your child’s outlook on life while keeping him active and healthy. Karate is a time honored ancient Japanese martial art. It was heavily popularized in the western world, mainly thanks to Bruce Lee’s films in the 1960s and early 70s, and ever since then boys have been learning to defend themselves with karate. Karate teaches kids how to defend themselves, whilst maintaining self control and discipline, which often carries over to other aspects of their lives.

3. Learning how to build bird or squirrel houses and feeders is not only a fun hobby but a good skill to have.

5 Great Hobbies for Young Boys

Taking care of our planet’s wildlife is very important to the world, and boys can take part in this activity beginning at an early age. Building a bird or squirrel house so little critters can have shelter from rain and cold weather, whilst providing them with a place to eat, will give young boys a sense of accomplishment. This hobby can also serve to teach them the skill of carpentry, which they could potentially turn into a career in later life.

4. Reading books is a great hobby to increase your child’s sense of imagination as well as his intellect.

Reading is a wonderful hobby for a young boy to have and there are many books out there aimed at young readers. From spy novels like the Young James Bond books by Charlie Higson to J.K. Rowling’s famous wizard, Harry Potter, there is no shortage of excellent material for a young boy to sit and read. Reading feeds the imagination and allows a child to gain a great deal of knowledge of the outside world.

5. Learning to play an instrument is a great hobby for expressing one’s creativity.

Music is what makes the world go round and making music is a special talent for a young boy to have. Whether it is learning to play the guitar or the piano, this hobby is very fun to practice and if a young boy keeps at it, he may be able to turn his hobby into a career like so many have done before. Almost every famous musician started playing an instrument as a hobby. Learning to play an instrument will help your child understand the importance of practicing whilst nurturing a talent he can be proud of.

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