5 Effective Tips To Prevent Wrinkles

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In the good olden days, wrinkles on the face was regarded as sign of wisdom; however in this world, everyone would rather prefer their skin to be wrinkle and spot free. Wrinkles, like graying of hair is a sign of aging and can be a matter of greater concern if they appear too soon sometimes in late twenties or early thirties. With research and experiments, we have now come to know the various factors that gives rise to wrinkles and have come to know techniques that can effectively avoid apperance of wrinkles at an early age. Some of the tips to prevent wrinkles are

1. Avoid The Sun

Sun is one of the main reasons behind early aging and development of wrinkles. Over exposure to the ultraviolet rays emitted from Sun can cause premature aging as well as lead to skin cancer.

Prevent Wrinkles

Using a good Sun-screen with a high SPF (at least 30) when you are going outdoors can prevent wrinkles and skin damage. Also make it a habit not to go out in the Sun during 10 AM in the morning to 2 PM as the UV rays emitted by the sun are strongest during these hours. If you have to step out in the Sun during this time then better wear full sleeve clothes and a hat or cap to prevent exposure to the Sun. Also wearing a sun glass can prevent your eyes from squinting which may lead to wrinkles.

2. Eat Bright Colored Food

Eat lots of bright colored food including papaya, mango, watermelons, berries etc. These food stuffs contain a high amount of antioxidants which are good for preventing aging and hence will prevent wrinkles. Also eating food rich in antioxidants will make your skin look much younger and impart it a glow.

Bright Colored Food

3. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking adequate amount of water can help to keep your skin rehydrated and moist which will keep the wrinkles at bay. Make it a point to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.

drink water

4. Don’t Frown

Frowning constantly can leave permanent marks on the face. Also make sure that you don’t squint when you are reading something or looking at the computers. The constant frowning and squinting can leave permanent marks or wrinkles on your face. If you find yourself squinting while reading something, then you may have to check your eyes and probably get a prescription for new glasses. Also always sleep on your back to avoid formation of wrinkles due to pressing your face against the pillow.

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5. Quit Smoking

Smoking can add ages to your body and especially the face in many ways. Smoking can damage your skin by damaging the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and thereby reducing its elasticity which causes wrinkles. Also it slows down blood flow to your skin thereby depleting oxygen supply and hence causing skin damage and wrinkles.

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6. Exfoliate Your Skin Often

Exfolicating your skin can be quite beneficial as it removes the dead skin and remove the unwanted impurities from your skin and hence make your skin look smooth and younger. There are many ways of exfolicating your skin including facial scrubs, sponge and chemical scrubs. One point of caution here is not to exfolicate too often as this can damage the skin especially if you are using a chemical exfoliate. Also take into account your skin type while deciding the frequency of exfoliation.

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