4 Easy to Sew Outfits for Your Kids

  • Sumo

As a parent, you may feel as if your kids grow out of their clothing faster than you can keep up. In an effort to keep your kids well-dressed, even with their rapid rate of growth, many parents sew some of their kids’ outfits. Even if you are a novice sewer or are inexperienced with arts and crafts, the easy to sew outfits below are a good place to start.

Bandana Dress

Consider making your little girl a bandana dress. The fun part about making a bandanna dress is that you can use the pre-existing squares to create your own unique pattern. As an added benefit, the hemline and edges of your bandanna dress will already be finished. When making a bandanna dress, select a bandanna in the colors your little girl likes, and for best results use a 22-inch bandanna. You can pin the bandana squares together to create a unique pattern; then sew the bandanas together, leaving the finished edges as the hemline. You can utilize double-sided satin ribbon or a soft rope for the straps or belt of the bandanna dress you create. Bandannas can also be used to create aprons, halter tops, shorts, and accessories.

A Skirt

A skirt can be made with little more than colorful elastic, and depending on the length, a yard or two of the desired fabric. To make a skirt, you can create a pattern out of newspaper by measuring the waist of the little girl and add two inches. Cut the length of the material for the hemline you desire, adding two inches. To alter the fullness of the skirt, you can cut the pattern at different angles, such as straight or A-line.

Lego Construction

When your material is cut into pattern pieces, pin the sides of the skirt together while it’s inside out, and sew them together. Next, you will sew your colorful elastic waistband to the waist of the skirt. Last but not least, sew the hemline. If you material does not fray, you can hem the skirt with your over-casting foot.


Shorts are perfect on warm spring and summer days, and are excellent for play clothes. A pattern for a wide leg short or Capri pant can be cut with four identical pattern pieces. To make the shorts easy to pull on and off, and easier to sew, they can be made with a simple elastic waistband. To personalize the shorts you can make each pant leg a different color, or sew on patches and colorful shapes.

A Fleece Top

Fleece is great for layering throughout fall and winter, and fleece fabrics come in many fun prints and colors. You can find easy to sew patterns for both short and long sleeve tops. They can even be sewn as a cardigan or top that does not need to be pulled over the head.

If you are purchasing patterns in the store, select the “easy” or “beginner” patterns. However, you can make patterns of out newspaper or with pattern tracing paper. Get creative with your sewing projects by finding ways to personalize each clothing item to the child who will be wearing them and then use the leftover scraps to create accessories.

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