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Hair dressing forms an indispensible part of a complete bridal look.  The use of new hair dressing accessories to go with stunning bridal attires is gaining popularity quite rapidly. There are various types of hair accessories available in the market, which are perfect for different kinds of bridal looks. Given below is a list of some of the popular hair accessories which will increase the glamour quotient of the bridal appearance.

The Popular Hair Accessories are:-

wedding hair accessories

  1. Flowers: This accessory is actually related to the bridal hairstyle for a long time. It was initially considered as a fashion but gradually it had become more of a tradition. It really adds the touch of softness to the look along with a romantic feeling. But it is important to ensure that only fresh flowers are used. Such flowers should be used which stay fresh for quite a long time. This is because the bride will have to maintain that look throughout the wedding period.
  2. Hair Vines: This accessory is held by pins on each of its end. Hair vines go with almost any kind of hairstyle. Most of them are embedded with pearls, jewels or crystals.
  3. Hair Jewelry: There are many types of hair jewelry and it often varies depending upon the location of the wedding. For example, if the wedding is taking place on a beach then beads can be used for hair dressing. The type of jewelry also varies with different types of hairstyles.
  4. Veil: If the bride is inclined towards minimal hair make-up then veil is her type of accessory. Or if she decides to use no accessories other than veil, then she can use a veil decorated with jewels, crystals and pearls.
  5. Tiaras: There are many styles of tiaras available in the market to suit different kinds of looks. The styles of tiaras range from classical and retro to modern and asymmetric.
  6. Feathers: The popularity of feathers has increased in recent times. These can be attached with combs and clips, or placed properly over the hair. Feathers with accessories attached to them are also available in the market.
  7. Tropical flowers: These are generally used in weddings having a tropical theme or beach weddings. They are usually seen in vibrant colors and look great on the hair of the bride.
  8. Headbands: This accessory looks simple but definitely has a touch of elegance. This is the perfect accessory for those brides who want to feel comfortable with her hair on the wedding day and yet look stylish at the same time. A headband teamed with a veil makes for a great combination. If the bride prefers a modern look then she can use the slim headbands, and if she wants to look classy then a wide headband is the appropriate choice.
  9. Birdcage Pouf: This accessory provides a very unique and vintage kind of look.
  10. Barrettes: There are both simple as well as elaborate barrettes available. The bride can choose a type depending on the sort of look she wants. This accessory besides looking great also helps in keeping the hair locks in their proper place.

Author’s bio:  Maria Taylor has been writing for the website Wedding Hair Accessories. In this article she has discussed about the ten most popular wedding hair accessories.

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