Taking In The Testosterone

  • Sumo

Uttering the word testosterone might conjure up images of muscular men who are constantly in the gym. It’s the “guys” hormone and is the male version of estrogen. In reality, women have this hormone as well, although in minimal quantities. Otherwise, they’d grow facial hair and their voice would deepen and I don’t think they’d want any of that. It’s an important substance our body produces but sometimes people overdo it. To get bigger muscles they even have it injected into the glutes or shoulders. There have been cases and stories of bodybuilders taking it too far by self-medicating themselves with it, which is illegal by the way. You also hear of instances where increased aggression and heart attacks happen to those who give themselves way too much testosterone. But, aside from these infamous side-effects, there are other more useful (and at times comical) results from having it in your body.

Taking In The Testosterone

The Confidence King

Having a naturally high-level of testosterone in your body can make you seem more confident. It’s been reported that men who have a lot of this hormone display qualities of being assertive and taking charge in situations. It’s no surprise that this is the case. Whenever you imagine someone who embodies testosterone usually they seem like the dominant types. It’s not to say that having lower levels of the hormone dooms you to a life of self-consciousness, it just comes more naturally to those who have it.

Live Longer

For people who medicate themselves in testosterone way too much, they can expect an early death as a consequence of their actions. Heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure are just some of the affects you get when you take too much. But, those who have it naturally within actually get to live longer. People with lower levels are more likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. If you think you suffer from low testosterone levels, don’t make a guess. Consult a doctor instead.

Sex Drive

Testosterone is also the reason behind the male sex drive. The amount you have has an effect on your libido. That’s why those with dangerously low levels are known to exhibit low sex drive and as well as lower energy levels. While doctors might not give you testosterone injections so readily just because of a flailing libido, if your energy levels are proving to be too difficult to deal with, then maybe it’s time to pay the doctor a visit.

Feeling Risky

Related to how men with higher levels of testosterone levels exhibit a higher chance of taking risks. When it comes to money, women, and their career, these types of men have no problem taking a little chance. Now, it doesn’t mean that having more testosterone makes you any luckier. Unfortunately, injecting more testosterone in your system won’t win you the lottery all of a sudden. No matter what the side effects are of having testosterone, it doesn’t give anyone the right to medicate themselves with the drug without a doctor.